Green Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village Makes a Greener Community

Westlake is renowned for its hiking trails, lush parks and pristine natural environment. So you definitely don’t want to harm this environment, even with chemical-based cleaning products. That is why it makes sense to use a green home carpet cleaning service that can help you preserve and protect the natural beauty of this thriving community.

Green Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village provides green home cleaning services to homes in Westlake Village and we make sure no harmful chemicals and toxins enter the environment because of our services. We also exclude chemical cleaners from your living environment, making sure your home is clean, dust-free and without any harmful germs and allergens.

Chemical based cleaners are a serious concern for the environment. They enter streams and rivers causing water pollution and harm aquatic life in turn. The dangerous chemicals are difficult to break down and therefore persist in our environment. These chemicals can enter our body through food or may get absorbed by our skin and cause serious illnesses and even cancer. We therefore strongly urge homeowners in Westlake Village to steer clear of chemical based cleaners as far as possible.

Cleaning the Green Way

Green Carpet Cleaning has been providing green home cleaning services for decades. We believe you have the right to enjoy an environment, be it inside or outside your home, that is free from chemicals and toxins. While we may be unable to control the level of pollutants outdoors, we certainly have a say in pollutants and contaminants entering your home.

Through our green cleaning methods we remove all traces of dirt, grime and dust from your upholstery, carpet, rugs, tiles and hardwood floor. Our cleaners are formulated using the best green ingredients, which have no side effects or toxins. In fact, we have the distinction of earning green certification for our cleaners by the US EPA. Our green home cleaning products are safe for kids and pets, and do not trigger or aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same about chemical-based home cleaners. That is why it is always prudent to select green cleaning products, so that you keep the ones who matter the most to you safe and healthy. And, Green Carpet Cleaning is the perfect choice for Westlake Village homeowners who want to embrace green house cleaning.

Cleaning services Westlake Village

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Our Wide List of Services

We know homes require proper cleaning and maintenance for their upkeep. That is why we provide a whole range of home cleaning services that take care of items that tend to trap dirt and grime, making your home a haven for mites, germs and bacteria. Through our thorough yet gentle green home cleaning methods, we eliminate any disease-causing germs and microorganisms to make your home a safe and healthy haven that you envisage it to be.

Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village

Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village

We provide green carpet cleaning that removes dirt, grime, stains and odors from your carpet. While carpets make great floor covering and can hide many flaws in your flooring. However, the microfibers are dirt magnets that attract and retain dirt. This causes your carpet to look shoddy and unkempt and also triggers allergies.

Green Carpet Cleaning uses green carpet cleaners to systematically extract hidden dirt and grime. Our green carpet cleaners are designed for different types of carpet materials. So there is no worry about damage to the fibers or dyes. Our green carpet cleaning techniques remove old and new stains and also tackle odors. You will find your carpet looking rejuvenated and refreshed once we finish cleaning it.

Rug Cleaning Westlake Village

Your rug will give your home an elegant look. However, Oriental area rugs are just like carpets. They too attract dirt and dust that can cause your allergies to flare up. Thankfully, you can always turn to Green Carpet Cleaning for Oriental area rug green rug cleaning services.

We have formulated green cleaners that are especially suited for rugs. These cleaners penetrate deep into the fibers and extract hidden dirt and grime without damaging the fibers or affecting the dyes. When our cleaning crew finishes the rug cleaning, you will notice your rug looking vibrant, refreshed and clean. It will be a pleasure to proudly display the rug in your home.

Upholstery Cleaning Westlake Village

Upholstery Cleaning Westlake Village

Don’t spend money replacing your stained and dirty sofa. You can hire the services of a reliable sofa and furniture cleaner – Green Carpet Cleaning – Westlake Village, California. We realize furniture is a major investment and each time your sofa or couch gets stained or dirty you can dip into your savings and purchase a new one. That is why we provide green upholstery cleaning that restores your sofa and couch to its former glory.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to assess the upholstery material and then select the most appropriate cleaning method. We do use water for upholstery cleaning, but our method is low-water consumption method and we also use a quick drying method that reduces downtime and put your sofa and couch back into action within no time.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Westlake Village

Tile and Grout Cleaning Westlake Village

You most probably have tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. And, you also must be spending hours each week scrubbing them clean. Now, you no longer have to spend your time with tile and grout cleaning because Green Carpet Cleaning can do it for you.

We provide green tile and grout cleaning across Westlake Village and surrounding areas. Our methods and cleaners remove ground-in dirt from the tiles and grout lines, restoring their original beauty. You can be certain that when we clean your tiles and grout lines, they will be clean! We even apply a coating of protectant that ensures your tiles and grout lines don’t get stained and discolored in the future.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Westlake Village

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Westlake Village

Perhaps hardwood floor is one of the easiest floorings to maintain. Regular mopping and vacuuming are what can keep your hardwood floor look spick and span. But with time, the floor will start looking dull and develop scuff marks and scratches. No amount of vacuuming and mopping will be able to restore the shine the flooring had earlier. You may get tempted to replace the flooring. Don’t do that. Instead, call Green Carpet Cleaning.

We are hardwood floor cleaning specialists. We know several tricks to restore the flooring without refinishing it. We use green hardwood floor cleaners that gently clean the surface dirt and grime and restore the lost shine. Our technicians lovingly polish the floor and even apply a layer of protectant – all green – to protect the hardwood floor from getting stained. Our hardwood floor cleaning methods have the ability to eliminate scuff marks and minor scratches, making the floor look like it was just installed.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Westlake Village

Sometimes, you think it was a mistake to get a pet, especially if you have to clean up after a bathroom accident. You are not alone. Even the best trained pet may have an accident. The key is to hire a specialist pet stain and odor removal professional, who can use green methods to remove new and old stains and eliminate odors.

In Westlake Village, you can hire Green Carpet Cleaning. We use green pet stain and odor removal products that are formulated in-house. These cleaning agents can clean stains effortlessly and make your home smell fresh and clean. Our technicians are trained and experienced to use the right pet stain and odor removal method. We can remove stains and odors from flooring, tiled surfaces, carpets, rugs and upholstery. So, go ahead and enjoy being a pet owner while our cleaning crew uses green pet stain and odor removal techniques to transform your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Westlake Village

No matter how much you clean your home, it will always have dust, pollutants and allergens unless you clean the air duct system. The network of air ducts in your Westlake Village home traps airborne particles and matter and then circulates them throughout your home. As a result, you will always have dust, allergens, dust mites and other contaminants in your home even if other surfaces and furniture are spotlessly clean.

Green Carpet Cleaning has licensed and certified cleaning technicians who can undertake dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning to leave your home genuinely clean. We use green air duct cleaning methods that gently flush out the contaminants in the ducts. What makes us special is use of green air duct cleaning techniques. This way, you have peace of mind knowing there will be no traces of chemicals when the ducts are cleaned.

Water Damage Restoration Westlake Village

Water Damage Restoration Westlake Village

If your Westlake Village home sustains water damage, don’t waste time. You need to act quickly and promptly to minimize losses and maintain the structural integrity of your home. Call Green Carpet Cleaning for green flood clean up services.

We have trained and licensed professionals who ensure the best water damage restoration service in Westlake Village. We undertake wet carpet drying, basement water removal and water extraction. Once we remove and dispose the water hygienically, we will dry and sanitize your home while restoring the right humidity levels. Our green flood damage restoration services are green and eco-friendly. You will not see a single chemical being used, but we will seamlessly clean and sanitize your home, so that you never have to be concerned about germs, pathogens, mold and mildew.

Hiring Cleaners Who Care

Green Carpet Cleaning is a customer-focused home cleaning company in Westlake. We want to make our customers’ homes safe, clean and healthy. That is why we use green cleaning methods. It also helps us reduce any adverse impact on the environment.

We have a 45-minute response time anywhere in Westlake Village. We also provide after hours service and emergency service for your convenience. We are a cleaning company that you can depend on to come through for you any time you need us. Contact us today and learn more about our green home cleaning services in Westlake Village. Or schedule a visit from our proficient, trained and experienced cleaning crew.

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